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Best dedicated server hosting,best dedicated server hosting,best dedicated server hosting

Hosting sites there are several types, so that novice webmasters or potential website owners, we will talk about in more detail in view of the importance of this issue.

shared Hosting

What is virtual hosting? Shared Web Hosting – the easiest type of hosting where a server has many saytove.Za become more clear what is virtual hosting – is a kind of folder on your hard disk, which is released User receipt of files on the site.

In virtual hosting physical server resources are fully accessible to all sites, but each site is, in fact, compete with other sites hosted on this server, its resursi.Po Thus, if you are using virtual hosting, along with your site is a site that has increased traffic it will increase the weight of the server, which, of course, adversely affect the performance of your sayt.No nevertheless hosting system administrators to monitor the sites load, and if it exceeds the limit, then measures the options that we describe as little later, giving advice on choosing a host for beginners.

Shared hosting is best suited for simple sites nachinaeshti.Shto refers to the benefits of virtual hosting, the first thing – is its low price, the second – a simple structure hosting control panel, which will understand even nachinaesht.Nedostatakat shared hosting is you’re limited in almost everything as a server in an amount of objects found there, disk space and trafik.V while you yourself change for a hosting tariff plans, or rather within existing shared Hosting options hiring of VPS or virtual hosting, server settings to choose for themselves.
Virtual Dedicated Server – VPS

What is VPS hosting? VPS (virtual private server) – a server that is created within sarvara.Za help you find what it is – we give a very good and simple primer.VPS something small as a virtual machine inside your computer that was created to install a second operating system within the operating system.This is often done to install the operating system separately, and installation of a second system within the first that can be used ednovremenno.Naprimer many users are doing to create a Linux OS system Windows.Tova means that you are using Windows and use it in a virtual machine on which installed Linux.

VPS next structure – the equipment is installed on a server operating system that creates a program that creates virtual dedicated sarvar.Kogato customer orders VPS, system administrators using the program creates a virtual server to which you can allocate a certain amount of resources sarvara.Tryabva be noted that virtual machine takes the resources of the server that is to keep them and there is VPS advantage over virtual hosting, as well as adversely polozhenie.VPS all server resources are clearly defined for each user. If a virtual server load increases, it does not affect other virtual servers located on the server, unlike shared hosting, you will suffer all the sites hosted on it.

If VPS – this is a dedicated server, albeit virtually, you get root access, which means you have the ability to manage virtual server, for example, you can install your own software on your server that is actually free hand in every site owner gives him great vazmozhnost.Nedostatakat of VPS, perhaps, lies in the fact that he will read a large number of guidance they need to manage.

VPS is used if you have a large site with presence of more than 10,000 hosts per day, to ensure that the traffic you need a powerful server and web kanal.Pri order of VPS you can choose which settings on a virtual server that select processor, amount of RAM, disk space, and more.This is very convenient because each CMS has its own characteristics consumption resources.If sins CMS for greed to RAM hosting, it makes sense to purchase hosting with large quantities RAM and a slightly weaker protsesor.Po thus, compared to shared hosting, virtual server settings adjusted to suit your requirements.
Dedicated server

What is a dedicated server? Dedicated Server – allocate a separate physical machine, then there is a real dedicated server, not the virtual edin.Toy includes server and is not part of parameters, and this is vsichko.Po Thus, a dedicated server is dedicated to your physical machine: CPU, RAM, hard drive – all this is only vash.Razbira is a dedicated server is much more expensive than VPS, but the difference between them is very palpable.

Many beginners may ask: why pay money and order a dedicated server, if it is possible to manage and VPS.A dedicated server can withstand greater load than VPS, you can place an unlimited number of sites. dedicated hosting allows more flexible settings, and allow you to create your own virtual dedicated server inside.

dedicated server is the best option for large obekti.Ako virtual hosting options are missing your site, or have for some reason decided to switch to another type of hosting, then give preference to special sarvar.VPS in this case, say, of compromise between virtual and dedicated server hosting.

What is VDS? VPS – what is it?


1451227310_babosik.ru_firstvdsVDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) or VPS (Virtual Private Server) – a kind of hosting services in which a virtual dedicated server is provided to the end user. It emulates a real physical server – have root-access, possible to install their operating systems and software. On a single physical server typically runs several independent virtual servers.

What is the difference VDS and VPS
Principle and features of the Virtual Dedicated Server
Compare VDS / VPS virtual (shared) hosting
Compare VDS / VPS with a physical dedicated server
Features virtualization OpenVZ and KVM
Who and when the virtual dedicated server is best suited

What is the difference VDS and VPS
There is an opinion that the terms refer to virtual servers with different types of virtualization: VPS stands for virtualization at the OS level, VDS – hardware virtualization. In fact, the two terms have appeared and developed in parallel, and mean the same thing: a virtual dedicated server, running on a physical basis.

We use the term VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server, Virtual Dedicated Server), as we believe that it clearly shows the nature of the service provided.

Principle and features of the Virtual Dedicated Server
According to the principle of operation and characteristics of the functioning of a virtual dedicated server is not much different from the physical server. He has no restrictions on the number of hosted websites, databases, domain zones, ssh- ftp- email-users, and the owner-manager has the right to work with files, install applications and perform other operations, like on a real full-fledged server. Each virtual server is hosted on our own the IP-address that is not shared with anyone else. If necessary, you can order additional IP-addresses.

Virtual server operates independently of the other, one located on it with the host machine. This means that the failure of one server does not affect the operation of “neighbors”.

Unlike conventional virtual (shared) hosting, virtual server protection technologies available from DDoS-attacks, and data integrity is guaranteed by the ability to create a backup.

Compare VDS / VPS virtual (shared) hosting
Pros use VDS / VPS compared with virtual hosting:

Complete control: the owner of a virtual dedicated server has root-level permissions (for Unix) or the Administrator (for Windows), and can fine-tune the server for the needs of a specific project until the installation of the required software and operating system changes.
Minimum restrictions: the number of new sites, databases, domain zones, ssh- ftp- email-only users is limited server resources.
Independence: Servers- virtual “neighbors” on the host machine does not work in isolation, and “pulls” each other’s resources, as well as use the IP-address of the individual, while a conventional shared hosting several websites often use one the IP-address.
Cons of using VDS / VPS compared with virtual hosting:

Price: price of a virtual dedicated server is generally much higher than the cost of virtual hosting. But we offer a comparable cost rates.
Administration The need: virtual server to be administered, as a physical, so a user requires a certain knowledge and skills in this area. The presence of the control panel makes it easier to perform common tasks: for our customers, we offer 5 panel ISPmanager Lite.



Dedicated web hosting:

Valid for all users (free and paid). Using the Hosting You agree that:

You are required to specify itself when registering real data and maintain their relevance at all times use the hosting service, which is especially important for the contact e-mail;
You are required to hold a minimum amount of skills and knowledge necessary for self-use hosting services;
You must respond to emails coming from us;
You agree to keep all access data to Dedicated web hosting; any
noticed common passwords for hosting can lead to the immediate closure of his;
using free hosting, you are required to be placed in the visible part of the home page link of the form “ho – free hosting!” If you do not want your visitors to understand what your site on a free hosting, you can write something like “Advertising: Good free web hosting” or “User-friendly site: free web hosting” or still is important to maintain the link with the text “free hosting “;
You will not be using spam to advertise your site, and will not send spam in general;
zpaprescheno use software that allows you to perform on server arbitrary operating system commands (web-shell);
You must comply with the rules of netiquette;
Never do mass mailings, even if the recipients have subscribed to this newsletter. The unit sending the letters is admissible, the intensity of sending emails should not exceed 2-3 letters per minute;
prohibited from posting pornography, crack / hack materials, programs that can be used to send spam, and links to similar sites;
prohibited from posting sites about earnings in network, pyramids and the like;
It prohibited from posting phishing sites. Also prohibited any attempt to imitate the external Internet service interfaces;
prohibited to place the page advertising for medicines and drugs, as well as dietary supplements (dietary supplements);
if the site is associated with the sale of goods or services, sooner or later we will offer him to move to a paid version. Because a website that offers paid services hosted on a free hosting anonymous and often fraudulent.

Dedicated web hosting
generally it is forbidden to publish information, due to which you may be interested in the police, the security services of any country, holders of copyrights and other structures, the contacts which are not pleasant;
prohibited to place wap-sites;
prohibited to place the torrent trackers;
prohibited to place pages containing keywords intended to deceive the search engines pages with automatic redirect (transfer visitor without his knowledge) to another site. Such sites will be closed without notice and explanation;
prohibited to place the page with invisible pages (<iframe>);
Do not install software that initiates external connections such as IRC or proxy servers (all outbound connections are closed);
It prohibits improper use of server resources, such as running daemons (TSRs), scripts, causing a critical load on the server;
It is forbidden to banner systems, sites with online games and other software that creates a heavy load on the server. Such software can particularly applies CMS. You can use a variety of CMS at your own risk, because when you create your hosting large load we will close;
CMS may not use an open source version that officially no longer supported by developers (eg Joomla 1.5, WordPress 3.2, ..);
You agree to promptly update the used open source CMS and maintain its current version;
The following is forbidden to use the CMS:
Invision Power Board,
Joomla 1.5 (due to the fact that no vulnerability comprises pooderzhivaet and with a very high probability of leading to cracking)
Pure CMS,
Shop-Script PREMIUM,
shopping cart program by Zen,
banned for e107 module for galleries.
All of the above creates a heavy load on the server.
For Joomla modules may not be used for the construction of galleries and shops. It is also a prerequisite of using CMS Joomla is restricting access to the administrative section of the CMS. To do this in the directory / administrator / must be a .htaccess file which should be a record of the form:

Web Hosting


Dedicated web hosting – a standard package of services in placing web sites or virtual servers on a dedicated server hosting provider. Traditionally, web hosting is of two types: paid web hosting and free web hosting. The main advantage of free web hosting – this is its availability, while even an inexpensive paid hosting has significant advantages in front of him.
It should be noted that the company choose the best as, which is engaged in hosting, not just someone’s reseller.
Dedicated web hosting:
For over 10 years our most popular service is an inexpensive hosting site (SHARED hosting). We offer several groups of tariffs for hosting websites that are optimized for specific tasks:
SMART (very simple and inexpensive web hosting)
PRO (business hosting sites)
BITRIX (hosting for 1C-Bitrix Site)
MULTI (Hosting Reseller)
We have prepared a special page where you describe the differences between different groups of tariffs for low-cost hosting web sites (shared hosting).

Everyone is used, that information is placed on the real physical servers, but lately is popular the VPS-service hosting the VDS. In this case, the server for posting information – virtual. This helps to save space, the quality is not lost.
It should be emphasized that not all of the physical server is secure. Not every provider can guarantee fire safety, an efficient climate control system. Among the many advantages of virtual servers Dedicated web hosting, allocate the convenience of their contents, the reliability of the information stored. The main problem – the insecurity of many servers, emergency power system.
The last 3 years, we popularize the use of virtual servers. All solutions are tested by us on the battlefield. We are one of the first (maybe the first) of the companies that implemented in the territory of Russia, both solutions world leader Parallels: Parallels Cloud Server and Parallels Cloud Storage.

We offer our clients the following proposals for the virtual servers:
Inexpensive VDS server (BillManager + ISPManager free)
CLOUD VPS server (Parralels cloud server + Parallels Cloud Storage + ISPManager free)
We have prepared a special page, which describe the differences between different technologies for virtual servers that we offer.

Hosting en Windows y servidores basados ​​en Unix


Aaa Site Hosting – Web Hosting on Windows and Unix-based servers. Lille, Nord (59) France.
Absolight – Dedicated Hosting for BSD / Linux. Software solutions and customized hardware. engineering networks. The company was founded in 1998. Paris, France.
Agarik – housing and facilities management, networking, storage, ASP, SaaS. emergency housing developments.
Amen France – shared web dedicated web hosting servers on Linux or Windows. France, Belgium, Switzerland.
Fri Arsys – provides domain name registration services, web hosting and dedicated hosting Fedora or Windows. Perpignan, Pyrenees-Orientales (66), France.
As Action Hosting – Shared hosting and dedicated servers on Linux or Windows. Paris (75), France.
Atek Canada – web hosting services and dedicated web server on Linux or Windows. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Management atoms Hosting – Hosting and data in virtual or dedicated servers. Hosting solutions 24/7 monitoring and management for SMEs, SaaS providers, Java / J2EE applications. 13680 Lançon-de-Provence.
Aunéo – the placement and location of the selected UNIX or Windows servers running, and placement services. Toulouse, Haute-Garonne (31), France.
hosting and dedicated Internet / Intranet, streaming, Minitel, Audiotel and databases – future telematics services. Villeneuve d ” D ” ASK, North (59) France.
Azuria – e-services for professionals. Areas of expertise: hosting a BSD / Linux / Windows, housing, access to Internet solutions, outsourcing, integration. The company was founded in 2003. Paris, France.
Being Hosting – Dedicated Server and actions in Belgium, the ability of virtual servers.
Claranet France – European provider of independent specialist in providing Internet services in the field of business applications hosting web hosting and outsourcing.
ConnectOnet – offering a range of solutions dedicated to coexistence or a Linux or Windows. Forges-les-Bains, Essonne (91), France.
CTN1 – dedicated and shared servers. Place the grid, IP transit.
Darsite – Offer web hosting and dedicated web hosting. Paris (75), France. – Dedicated Server on Linux. Description of the offer subscription services. Affiliate Free (Iliad Group).
Digiclix – shared and dedicated hosting solutions on Linux, Windows, Unix and cobalt servers RaQ. Lille, Nord (59) France.
Easy-hosting – dedicated server provider, hosting PHP, Perl and MySQL databases and e-commerce solutions. Thionville, France.
ECIS – subcontracting and outsourcing of services. hosting and dedicated Internet applications, client-server, Citrix and TSE.
Ecritel – dedicated server hosting, infrastructure solutions for business and office. Paris.
EdelweissHosting – virtual and dedicated servers with Europe and the United States servers. The selection of the operating system. SSL and CGI. Houston, USA ..
EServer – hosting solutions and dedicated hosting on Linux or Windows. Canada.
E-solutions, web – design, SEO and web hosting. Dedicated server control.
FirstServed – Providing web hosting and dedicated server hosting, leasing and bay IP connection to the data center in Brussels.
Frontier Internet – hosting and dedicated Windows, Linux and FreeBSD servers. Outsourcing as an option. Evry, Essonne (91) France.
Accommodations Morocco – and dedicated hosting. Morocco.
Hebergeur-off – Hebergement de sites together, or dedicated server on Red Hat Linux or Windows Server 2003. Eenregistrement domain name. Paris (75), France. – dedicated hosting on Unix or Windows, as well as jointly. The ability to negotiate a solution. – Solution and dedicated hosting. servers on Linux, Windows, Webdev, TYPO3. Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, and (44), France.
Hostpartner – Providing web hosting services and dedicated hosting and domain name registration. Rennes, Brittany, France.
Ikoula – Accommodation in shared and dedicated servers, Windows and Linux. Courbevoie, Hauts-de-Seine (92), France.
Outsourcing – Administration of servers, workstations software development, system migration, user training.
Computers On Line – Web hosting on Linux and Windows. A dedicated server and shared. Registering a domain name. Ecully, Rhône (69), France.
Hosted solutions, dedicated servers on Linux or Windows – Internet through Friday. It also offers a semi-dedicated servers, virtual servers and domain name registration. Massy (91) France.
Web Hosting – accommodation and general dedicated servers on Linux and Windows. The registration of domain names. Retail Solutions. Boulogne Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine (92), France.
Ipgarde – hosting and dedicated server needs. Linux or Windows.
IWeb – web hosting and dedicated servers on Windows 2000 or Linux. Supports SSL and external functions. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Jetmultimédia – Multimedia hosting solutions. Minitel sites, audio, telephony, SMS, objects. Lyon, Rhône (69), France.
John Accommodation – Solutions for hosting or dedicated. In addition, the location of the bay. Istres, Bouches-du-Rhône (13), France.
LINKBYNET – web hosting services, dedicated and outsourcing, web sites, intranets and extranets. Saint Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis (93), France.
VLAN – web hosting provider with domain name server on Linux or Windows Server 2003. Paris (75), France.
Maya solutions – outsourcing and hosting specifically for small and medium enterprises. Development tools, telecommuting, working together. 91210 Draveil.
Morocco Hosting – Dedicated Servers & Web Hosting with support for PHP / MySQL, PostgreSQL, CGI / Perl, SSI, Python. The registration of domain names. Casablanca, Morocco.
NetBenefit – hosting and dedicated web site dedicated to Linux or Windows for businesses and individuals. Outsourcing options dedicated servers.
Netcube – hosting solutions, security solutions, communication, maintenance and backup applications. Savigny Sur Orge (91), France.
Netsample – web hosting on Linux, Mac and Windows NT. Paris (75), France.
NexLink – Shared web hosting with support for PHP, ASP. It also offers a dedicated Linux or Windows 2003. Neuchatel, Switzerland servers.
dedicated servers, game servers, domain name servers placement – Nexucom. Quebec, Canada.
NFrance – Offers shared and dedicated hosting. In addition, the location of the virtual server. Toulouse, Haute-Garonne (31), France.
Oxyd – web hosting, dedicated servers and domain name. outsourcing solutions and infrastructure management. Paris (75), France.
Pictime data center – Accommodation solutions, controls, caching streaming. e-commerce platform specialist accommodation.
Quetzal Network – Offers shared hosting and a website dedicated Windows or Linux, as well as managing information technology company. Boussens (31), France.
SelfServeur – a dedicated server for professionals in the field of web sites and multimedia applications.
1U-server – sale and rental of dedicated servers. In addition, the location of the bay. Labege, Haute-Garonne (31), France.
SwissCenter – dedicated web hosting solutions mutualization. In addition, the location of virtual servers and housing. Support for PHP / MySQL, ASP. Lausanne, Switzerland.
Dedicated servers and co-location of servers based on Linux and Windows – Support for access to the database, Perl and CGI. Montreal, Quebec.
Touch-Tel – Outsourcing Linux dedicated servers. Estimates on request. Prices for details. Debian, Gentoo, OVH distributions. Sites dedicated servers. Location of game servers.
Transnode – in the design, internalized or external management expert (information management) IP infrastructure (housing sector, IP transit) construction. Founded in 2004, France.

Dedicated Web Hosting


If you order hosting you can use one of the following suggestions. These proposals do not overlap and can choose only one of them.

1) Do you want to get a domain for free Dedicated Web Hosting? – Order hosting for 3 months or more and get a domain for free!
If you are under accommodation for 3 months or more you can get free domain1 in one of the following areas: ru, Russian Federation,,, Also deducts the number of months of pre-paid accommodation.

* – For the tariff plan “Ctart” free domain registration is only possible in the areas of:,,
2) Proceed from another provider with an already registered domain? – Get a 10% discount on web hosting order!
When ordering hosting from 1 month to change from another provider, you can get a discount of 10% on the total order amount discounted accommodation for the period of prepayment.

Dedicated Web Hosting:

1) Order VIP accommodation but do not want to pay for a domain? – Get a free domain at any stage of the VIP-hosting order!
When performing VIP-hosting order 1 month, you can get free domain1 in one of the following areas: ru, Russian Federation, com, net, org, biz, info, name, mobi, eu, ws, United States, Asia,, 3e .ru,, Also deducts the number of months of pre-paid accommodation.

2) Proceed from another provider and order the VIP accommodation? – Get a 10% discount on your order Dedicated Web Hosting!
When making the request VIP accommodation from 1 month to change from another provider, you can get a discount of 10% on the total order to receive discounted prepaid period.

1 – FREE When ordering hosting recorded only one (1) primary domain account. The list of areas where you can get a free domain with the headquarters of the order shown in the “Special Offers” “Accommodation” section. He presented a list of areas in which the domain can register for free in order accommodation can be changed at any time without notice to customers.
2 – Extension of the domain in .RU or .SU zone within accommodation rates, provided that the procedure is free only when transferred to the Registrar LLC “Domain Registrar Reg.Ru” (REGRU-REG-RIPN) in the contract LLC “Dedicated Web Hosting” “( the extent of the domain zone .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .mobi is only when transferred to the recorder Directi. free domain extension in other areas currently not implemented. free domain extension requires a separate client application to support specifying the domain name for the extension.
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